How to get to cat ba island

Cat Ba Island attractive destination you should visit, How to get to Cat Ba Island

Along with Halong Bay, Cat ba Island is one of the most attractive destination when you travel in the north of Vietnam. Our below post will help you better understand about Cat ba Island, how to get to Cat ba Island with the unforgettable impression. Let’s explore this island!

Cat Ba island overview

Cat Ba Island is a part of chain of over 300 island within the area of Halong Bay. Since 2005 Cat Ba became a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is the third world biosphere reserve in Vietnam.

What are the best features of Cat ba Island ? It comes to this island, it is rugged limestone mountains, lake in limestone, coral reefs, unique caves, deserts beaches, casual island lifestyle, moist tropical forests. In recent years, Cat Ba Island has attracted both domestic and international tourists because of its beauty.

How to get to Cat Ba Island ?

If you depart from Hanoi city – the capital of Vietnam, you can choose one of following ways to transfer to Cat ba.

Open bus – boat – bus: you can book a ticket from office of Good morning Cat ba, Catba expres, fullmoon … Price for round trip ticket is about 26 – 36$ that depends on your travelling period. It takes you three and half hours to to transfer from Hanoi to Cat ba bus, then take the speed boat before travelling on bus again to reach to Cat ba Island town.

These open bus services offer you the most convenient and comfortable trip to Catba island, and you will avoid the scam taxies, crowded local buses as well as unplanned extra costs on the way.

Local bus: Alternative way to get Catba Island. Travelling by local bus then take the boat and bus again to CatBa island. If you are budget traveler, you can consider this way.

However we would like to note that, local buses is not always good and comfortable for a traveler from distant country. So crowded, noisy and sometimes you may be in trouble. We don’t recommend this option if you don’t want to have the real local experience.

Private car and hydrofoil to Cat ba: if you travel with kids, you should choose private car from Hanoi then continues your trip to the island by hydrofoil. You will be picked up from hotel in Hanoi go to Binh harbor or Got harbor + hydrofoil to Cat ba town. However price for this service is not cheap.

When is the best time to travel in Cat Ba Island ?

The weather in Catba is best from late September to November (autumn) or from March to May (spring). In autumn, Catba is very beautiful with pleasant climate, blue and cool seawater while in spring temperature is higher but rain may occur.

However, travelling in these time, you will avoid the crowd of domestic visitors who usually hit there during summer (from June to August) and you feel the trip is more comfortable.

Amazing thing you can do during travelling time in Catba Island

Many interesting activities you can join while you are in Catba. Here is it:

Kayaking around Lan Ha Bay: yes, kayaking is known as the best way to explore Lan Ha Bay. Not same as in Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is quieter. Rent a kayak and explore this stunning natural wilderness by yourself.

Sometimes you can spend this magnificent thing without anyone else around because in Lan Ha Bay there is less tourists than in Halong Bay. A lot of coves, bays, beautiful limestone karsts are waiting you to be explored.

Visiting Hospital cave: why is it called hospital cave ? Oh, yes, it is a hospital that built in the cave during the Vietnam war. You will see a multi-level cave with many of empty room.

Visiting with a guide will be best if you would like to know more about this place. This cave is located on the same road to National Park. It is not easy to reach to this cave.

Cat ba National Park: you shouldn’t ignore this place in your trip to Cat ba Island. This is home of 32 types of mammal such as golden headed langur. You have chance to visit Trung Trang cave or Viet Hai village – a remote minority village just outside the park boundary.

Where to stay in Cat Ba Island ?

A lot of choice for you to overnight in Cat ba Island that depends on your budget. Below is some options for you:

Catba Sunrise resort is very close to the beach with well-equipped room, spa and outdoor restaurant with the freshest of seafood.

Catba Island resort & spa has private beach area, outdoor pools, room with balcony and many activities for tourists.

Princess Catba hotel: you stay at a well-equipped room, have meals at restaurant with Asian and Western cuisine.

Sea Pearl hotel is located near to the beach and fronts Lan Ha Bay. Rooms at this hotel are good for tourists who love sea view, more infomation bus back from Cat ba to Hanoi with speedboat.

Do you decide to where to go ? If not, don’t hesitate to note Catba island as a must-go destination in your trip. Hope that our information is useful for you, you can share it so many people are known.

Have a nice trip!